Chiropractic Adjustments Affect the Autonomic Nervous System

In a recent study released in the September 2000 publication of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiologic Therapeutics, researchers demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments have an impact on the Autonomic Nervous System. This research was created to look at the changes in "Edge Light Pupil Cycle Time" (ELPCT) which is one of the light reflexes in the eyes. This reflex is regulated by the Autonomic Nervous System. The results confirmed a reduction in the Edge Light Pupil Cycle Time consequently showing a direct link between a chiropractic adjustment and a reaction in the Autonomic Nervous System.

The ramifications of this research go well beyond the eye itself. The Autonomic Nervous System is that area of the central nervous system responsible for the control and function of internal body organs. Chiropractic specialists have said for more than 100 years that interference to the nervous system results in a scenario whereby various parts of the body won't be functioning at their maximum potential. In spite of all the documented cases of individuals with a number of internal problems responding to chiropractic care, the medical community would always dismiss these cases as a coincidence.

This new study adds much credibility to the reports of remarkable results under chiropractic care by scientifically showing a link between chiropractic adjustments of the spine and the part of the nervous system responsible for the control of internal organs. This clearly validates and reinforces the great results that chiropractors have reported to see over the last 100 years. Chiropractic care can have a positive affect on organ system health problems.

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