Chiropractic Adjustments for Children with Acute Otitis Media

A recent study released in the March 29, 2004 peer reviewed journal, The Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research, (JVSR), demonstrated that chiropractic adjustments had a positive impact on kids with severe ear infections. In the study, 21 kids were evaluated. All these children demonstrated acute inflammation in the inner ear with a red and bulging tympanic membrane, combined with an elevated temperature of over 100 degrees F.

The results of the study indicated that after the chiropractic adjustments, the red and bulging tympanic membrane came back to normal in 95% of the children and a reduction in temperature to 98.6 degrees F.

A related story also made an appearance on the website of the television station, WIS TV news on March 30, 2004. That story highlighted a four year old girl Taylor, who visited a chiropractor for ear infections. According to her mother Taylor had been struggling with about eight ear infections a year. Her mother observed that after two chiropractic adjustments, she hasn't had one ear infection in nine months, "This has been a great benefit for us."

The news report concluded with the following, "Besides ear infections yet another study observed chiropractic care helps babies with colic. The study reports babies cried two hours less after having adjustments than those who received the standard drug treatment."

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