Chiropractic Treatment Good for Chronic Neck Pain

New information released in the February 2006 issue of the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics (JMPT), demonstrates individuals with chronic neck pain really benefit from chiropractic. The authors begin by noting that neck pain is, "a really cost-demanding health issue."

In this study individuals with issues of continuous neck pain in the previous 3 months were regarded as chronic and approved for participation in the study. The individuals were split into two groups. One group was a control group without any chiropractic care, and the other group received chiropractic care.

The same outcome measurements were utilised on both groups in order to evaluate the results. An assessment was done on all patients at the time of the first consultation and then another time at the end of the 5-week research period.

The exams were carried out to evaluate 3 areas, symptoms, cervical range of motion, and head repositioning accuracy. Head repositioning accuracy, (HRA) is a examination that measures the ability of the neuroarticulomuscular system to reposition the head into a neutral posture following active motions.

Final results demonstrated that for 2 of the areas screened, the group that received chiropractic care showed improvement. Regarding pain, following the treatment, the chiropractic group demonstrated a considerably reduced level of pain intensity. The results of the testing for head repositioning (HRA) were more impressive, in which substantial improvements in all aspects of HRA were noticed for the group that received chiropractic care. There was however, no perceivable difference in the groups relative to range of motion following the study.

The researchers observed, "The results of this study suggest that chiropractic care might be effective in having an influence on the complicated process of proprioceptive sensibility and pain of cervical origin." In other simpler words, chiropractic helped for people with long standing neck pain.

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