Cycle of Health - How Chiropractic Works

For Twenty-four centuries the majority of the world has been dependent on a doctor of medicine to cure health issues, yet the world continues to be sick and becoming sicker.

But greater than forty million Americans have switched their thinking about doctors and every year millions are switching. They're switching to Chiropractic.

Medicine became "scientific" with the appearance of bacteriology. Ever since then, the education of the medical man has centered across the germ theory of dis-ease and it has focused almost exclusively on germs causing dis-eases.

Although progress has been produced in the fight against germs, medical science is starting to understand that it's actually the level of natural immunity, natural body defense, and vitality which determines the failure or success of any treatment.

Since the medical profession continues to be preoccupied with germs, viruses and infections, the majority of conditions, ills and dis-eases that trouble mankind, happen to be ignored.

15,000,000 Americans are afflicted by chronic headaches, another 28,000,000 have arthritis. Heart disease remains the no. 1 killer. Chronic fatigue, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and nervous disorders must still be handled. Hay fever, asthma, and sinuses make tens of thousands miserable and sciatica plagues millions. Chronic backaches increase daily.

Orthodox medicine has failed to meet these challenges, while a fresh type of doctor has emerged - the Doctor of Chiropractic - the second biggest healing profession on the planet.

Chiropractic gets sick people well and prevents the healthy from getting sick.

None of the body functions "just happen." Your heart doesn't just get lucky and beat. Your lungs don't just accidentally inhale and exhale. Your stomach doesn't just happen to digest your dinner. All doctors realize that your brain and nerve system coordinate these functions which will make life rather than death, health as opposed to sickness.

It's your brain and nerve system that causes your heart to beat 72 times each minute, 60 minutes every hour, 103,680 times every twenty four hours and pump 4,320 gallons of blood through nearly 100,000 miles of blood vessels, thus supplying oxygen and nourishment to every single cell in your body, some 50 - 75 trillion of them.

Since your brain and nerve system direct it, today you'll breathe 23,040 times, digest about 3 1/4 pounds of food, drink and process around three quarts of liquid, speak about 4,800 words, move over 600 muscles and exercise millions of brain cells.

None of these things "just happen." The nerve system - known as the Master System - controls every function either directly or indirectly within your body. This will make you a whole human being rather than an assortment of parts.

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