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I would love to tell anyone that wants to listen to me, how Joel has kept me upright for so long! Thank you so much for all you have done for me!  Thanks also to Joel for getting me in contact with The Bonati Institute. It has been 1 month since my last operation and I feel so great! They said I give it 3 months to get back to normal, I'm not exactly sure what normal is, or what to expect. I have hurt for so long and have not been able to do much for the last couple of years. There is a lot to do around my house that I have been picking away at for the last week or two. It is nice to do something and not be layed up for 3 or 4 days later! I had 3 operations with the help of Dr. Santy down in Florida. The first one was the left side of L4,L5, my head aches and back spasms stopped that night of Aug 30th. My next one was on L5,S1 still on the left side. Then finishing up with L3,L4, left side felt great. The next day we flew home, it was a long day of walking and carrying more than 5 lb. through 3 airports.  I would love to thank Dr. Santy for getting involved with The Bonati people and for the work that Dr. Scott & Dr. Bonati did for me in my 2 weeks in Florida. And also my girlfriend Melissa Yando for taking care of me for those two weeks. If anyone has any questions about this operation I will answer anything I can, Dr Santy can also point you in the right direction also! I will keep you posted on my recovery, can't wait to start golfing in the Spring! -Perry Tatro


Chiropractic care was the ONLY remedy among a hundred that stopped my infant's colic. When the second one was born screaming...I knew right where to go. Thank you Dr Joel!!!!!!! -Tracy Nelson


"I got hurt at work, by the time I drove home I couldn't get out of the car without help.  I called Adirondack Reagion Chiropractic the next morning. They took me in right away. Periodically my back and neck act up. Dr. Tracy keeps me working and walking. What more needs to be said!?"  -Anonymous


With my visits twice a week since my injury Dr. Santy have helped my pain levels and made it possible for me to continue school and work and help give my quality of life back. Thank You!!! -Mary Lamica


The treatment at Adirondack Region Chiropractic offers relief of my life induced aches and pain.  Especially when I extend over the limits.   -Diane Vaincourt


"After treatment I am now able to go to Batavia Downs!!!" -Anonymous


"The doctors at Adirondack Region Chiropractc have kept me walking, decreasing symptoms as they arise.  The office is amazing with setting up appointments and completeing paperwork that is needed for specialist referrals!" -Sally Savage


"Love it! Keeps me going.  Feels wonderful, thanks!"  -Joe and Trudy LaBier


"I was in so much pain when I came in. In just a few visits and working different things I am feeling so much better.The traction on the neck with the electrodes on the neck and back and heat help me  so much.  They care and listen to me.  This means the world to me!" - Amanda Heredia


Dr's Joel Santy "You are a Miracle Worker!" -Paul Liberty

"On September 20 I started a workout challenge offered by Laura Rhodes Tarbell. It was a 3 month challenge. Each month Laura would send you workouts along with a demonstration video, recipes, and shopping lists. She was available 24/7 via email or Facebook for any questions and is your biggest cheerleader! After 3 months I lost 25 pounds and 24.75... inches!! Laura does all the hard work for you - you just need to use all the tools that she gives you for success! There is another challenge starting on January 4. Please visit to check out her programs.
I also need to thank Dr. Joel Santy for giving me my knees back so I can run. My hips were out of alignment which was causing my knee pain! I had pretty much given up on running until they were able to help me.
Joey Shelly is another person I need to thank. I have never been a big fan of powder protein drinks but the It Works product was delicious." -Linda Durant